Don't Lose you Cool! Call Gasket Guy

Gasket Guy of San Antonio custom manufactures refrigeration gaskets for virtually all makes and models of refrigerators. We also repair and replace door hinges, handles, floor sweeps, strip curtains, and closers.

Our prices are 25-50% less than refrigeration repair companies. Leaky gaskets cause compressors to run more thereby increasing your electric bill AND shortening. compressor life. Bad gaskets are also unsanitary. Pests can also enter your units when gaskets are torn.

Gasket Guy will perform a free, no obligation inspection and evaluation of your refrigerator and freezer gaskets, followed by a detailed estimate of repairs and recommendations. Most repairs are flat rate, not hourly, saving you additional money. Under normal conditions, we return within 72 hours with custom sized, perfect fitting gaskets. If needed the service technicians will make minor repairs to your doors and hinges. And finally, Gasket Guy ® guarantees the installation. We guarantee that when we install a gasket, it will fit perfectly, and be the same quality of OEM gaskets, but cost you 25-50% less!

Check our pricing, check our references, and most importantly, check our work. You will be thrilled to get gaskets off of your "to do" list and on to ours! Exceptional service is our standard.

For service outside the San Antonio area:
(972) 407-0008
(512) 574-6476
(342) 352-2075